Прохождение Submachine

1. Go left 2 rooms and pick up the spoon.
2. Go right 1 and down 2 rooms and pick up the journal (it's just for kicks, serves no real purpose.
3. Go down 1 and right 1 and pick up coin in corner.
4. Solve bell/box puzzle- you need all the boxes in the air - Bells 2, 3, 4, 1, 3 (i think, no promises, just play with them).
5. Take puzzle piece from inside the large box on the ground.
6. Go left 1, up 3, and right 2.
7. Click on box lock on right side of room, enter the code that you find at the top of the coin – 4913.
8. Click on box, pick up fuse and second puzzle piece.
9. Go left 2 and down 1 and place fuse in empty slot on fuse box.
10. Make sure you observe the "screws" under the fuse box when you're done and the direction that they are turned in. (horizontal, vertical, vertical).
11. Go down 2 and turn the power on.
12. Stick the spoon in the current to short the machine.
13. Take the third puzzle piece.
14. Go up 3 and right 1 and up 1 and collect the wheel.
15. Go down 1 and left 2 and place the wheel at the top of the pipe.
16. Position the pistons so that their "screws" are in the same pattern as those below the fuse box (horizontal, vertical, vertical).
17. Turn the wheel, you will hear a pipe burst.
18. Go right 2 and up 1 and collect the pearl that is now present.
19. Go down 1, left 1, and down 2 and use the pearl to fix the clocks pendulum.
20. Collect the last puzzle piece.
21. Go up 2 and place the pieces in the medallion.

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