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> Ferkakta By Night, Walkthrough
сообщение 15.10.2008, 21:15
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Ferkakta by Night




take the paper bag.
click down and get a map from the waste basket.
go downtown with the map.
get a fish and a donut from the can at the street.
the items are in the paper bag in this game.
find red car. click ahead arrow and left arrow.
get a chicken and a bone from the waste.
find the door with code. enter "3725" to the panel and get a key.
use map again and go mansion. use key on the lock.
there is a man in front of the door.
click right.see the trees.
there is an arrow between the trees.
go ahead and you are in a kitchen.
make coffee.
put the donut to the coffee cup.
there is a panel with colors and symbols on the right.

red hand
broken egg
symbols on it.

the guard will leave from the screen.
turn back to house and enter from the door.
there is a note on the desk and also in the pocket.
go upstairs.
get the match in the drawer.
take the ring behind the red curtain.
enter library.
there is a note on the couch.
also a note behind the couch. "fido"
there is a pink cabinet in the holl.
get a torch and light it up with match.
there was a door with a code panel before.
enter "69415 " to the door and get in.
meet fido.
put the chicken on the plate.
go back to the door with coloured panel.

click the colors in this order:
5. line click all the colors.
1. line 3rd circle.
2. line 3rd circle.
3. line 5th circle.
4. line 3rd circle.
5. line 4rd circle.

the door opens.
enter the room.
get a key from the red box.
use your map again. go to the cemetary.
use key on the lock.
go left twice and get a ladder.
there is a door with angel buttons on it.

1. 3rd angel
2. 7th angel
3. 4th angel
4. 2nd angel

go in and get a skull.
go out and walk along the road till you find a hole on the road.
use ladder on the hole to read the note at the other side.


go along the road and find a shovel next to the tree.
the directions are so hard to explain. sorry.
find the sword on the ground.
use shovel to get the sword.
go back to tunnel which we got skull before.
have a walk in the tunnel till you find 2 skeletons on the wall.
put the ring between the skeletons.
another door will open.
go in.
turn left there is a spider.
cut the web with sword.
find the door with a panel with the letters on it.
enter "кукиs" to the panel.
the door will open.
get the rope beside the skeleton.
combine the rope with the skull in your inventory.
find the room with the candle.
there is a closet on the ceiling.
use skull+rope there to open.
go up then right.
there is a puzzle.
finish the puzzle and take a cheese.
use map to go downtown.
find the museum.
enter and click left left ...
there is an empty stand.
put the cheese on it.
use map to go home.
check your mail on pc.
reply the mail.


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