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> The Museum
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The Museum

The Plants at the bottom left to right,place them in this order (count the lines, 9 being pluto and mercury being 1). 8,2,6,4,1,9,5,7,3. This will give you a windmill fan, use it on the model connected to a light bulb.

The paintings... move the boat over to the beach, move the table to the checkered floor then move the computer equip onto the table and the little square with white and yellow line. Move the tree to the painting with the mountain in the background. Move the jar to the painting with the door in the background, also move brushes into the jar or anywhere in that painting. This will yield a record, place it in the record.

The man on the bike, click repeatedly so the little yellow ball is pushed up the tube, time it so it falls into the cup when pushed over. This will yield a pin. Palce this by the hands of the man on his knees by a bowl of water. Note: if the ball hits the ground just click the ball to reset it back in the tube.

Position mouse by the bottom right of the brown pot, the more you click it the more it sways, you will see a grey rock.

Next find the blue entrance in the room where the dinosaur is, click to enter, Take the rock to break a tooth in the bear*s mouth. The tooth can then be put in the camel*s mouth. But this doesn*t seem to give you another item.

Click left to see the camel with the eagle and click eagle to close the wings. click on small bone sticking out. use this on the dinosaur around the hind leg.

Finally got ot the room with the door next to the record player, there is a kind of spiral rack. At the bottom left hand side of this rack is a silver ball. Move this to the top left side of the rack. It then starts to go down the spiral but will stop short before the end of that spiral (there is no connection in between). Click on the ball it goes back to the spiral rack. Try several times and speed up the ball while falling down the rack. After 7 trials the ball reachs the ending piece of the spiral and there is a piece of paper.

Прикрепленное изображение

Then put the paper in the typewriter then it is finish.

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