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> Scooby-doo 2: Monsters Unleashed - Escape From The Coolsonian
сообщение 6.5.2007, 10:06
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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed - Escape From The Coolsonian

first part
click on the LEFT door and click on the moving shelf near the fortune teller table,click on one of the candles in the chandeiler,go back to main screen and place the candle on the flameing man near the elevator,click the red button to activate it and drag the candle to the fire to burn it
then place it back and put the candles back to the chandeiller and put em in the pulley,
go back to where the fortune tellers table is and click the lower tablecloth which will reaveal 3 foot steps,click th CENTER foot which will activat the chandellier,read and memorize the date on the calendar fast because it will be a fast look activate the candle again to see em again thats left side of the roof,this is the combination for the safe stay here and click on the mirror click the safe and enter the code you will get a key
remember its random go to where the man thats flamin and click the with the key,click the GREEN button to activate the elevator.

second part
play the egyptians puzzles and get the cd
to play them you need to get pieces that you can combine on the puzzle board
put the cd on record player and listen to the sounds
click on animals on the order you listened

third part
take bone and use it to smash the glass boxes
take coin from the zombie foot
go to dark ages zombie and use coin on box and take wire
go to cattle drive zombies and use coin on box
put wire on empty place
click button and take key
use key on briefcase and take clippers
use clippers on chains

fourth part
arcade game
can*t help you on this one


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