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> Escape From Rhetundo Island
сообщение 6.5.2007, 10:03
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Escape from Rhetundo IslandWalkthrough:

Level one
* Hit the bullseye

Level two
* A bomb comes down and makes a crater. Meanwhile, your little dude gets a boom box. Said boom box gives him a "special jump move."
* Click on the "special move" box (looks like a little guy jumping, kind of) and wait until he has passed the crater.
* Once past the crater, click on the little guy. He*ll fly with the latest of fleas... with plates full of cheese... with the birds and the bees... he won*t miss the other side. On to level 3!

Level three
* This level is mostly timing - wait until the, um... rotating arms are about to come level with the ground.
* Press the stop light and it becomes a go light.
* Here*s your first experience with the evil that is the elevator. You have to time when you raise the elevator up so that he doesn*t fall off when you think he*s firmly on it, and you don*t want him to end up bumping into the cliff side because he*ll turn around and keep walking right off into oblivion, assuring you that he is the stupidest creature since the guy who thought up nylons for women.

Level four
* Stickman picks up a boom box and proceeds to attempt suicide.
* You have to catch him with the annoying little sliding platform that you have to control yourself.
* Once Stickman is safely on land, examine (rather rapidly) the landscape. There are two lovely lumps of white embedded in the land chunk, and a middle grey matter in between.
* The lump on the left is a circular lump. The lump on the right has a dip in the center. If you wait until Stickman steps into that dip and click on Left Lump, Right Lump will plump up and spring Stickman into the stratosphere, landing him safely on the cliff that you seek to reach.

Level five
* first lower the platform, then when the guy is just on top the "pole or whatever" click the opposite one to raise it,
* just when he gets on the platform raise it and if hes returning u can use the item u got to turn him around,
* then let him fall to the ground and before the cliff use the item (click on the clank to let go of the wood)and voila!!!

Level six
* explode bottom man with explosive special item.
* Drop box item on upper man.
* Click on house.
* Click white circle thing to jump your man up.
* He will then fall down the hole to level 7 (2nd part)

Level seven
* Level 7 is all about timing and if needed, quickly using that switcheroo item.

Level eight
* The stick will get a boombox and get a drop item, drop it between him and scissors.
* When scissors have dropped off end, and face blows bubble gum platform, use your jump to get over box.

Leven nine
* got to work quick on this one.
* Start with the platforms you can drop, drop from the left to make a bridge.
* or the rest of the bridge at the right, use the boxes 2 to level with ground level.

Level ten
* After getting boombox, make the stickman turn around,
* jumped to the ledge that has the boombox,
* when rocket item has been attained. Blow up sand that will make the stick figure to fall through

Level eleven
* Mouse countrol is crucial to make stick man survive, keep hand steady. (Mouse controls FIRE)... That is all that is needed to know.

Level twelve
* Click the arrows to make the platform thing move.
* Timing is of essence to see where the stickman is.

Leven thirteen
* when picked up boombox make the stickman go back..
* drop the bricks stuff onto the saws however many you have, you should make it through, use the returning stuff if needed.

Level fourteen
* Like the first level, bullseye

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