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> Escape 1
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Escape 1: The Island of the Big Breasted Women - Walkthrough

Прикрепленное изображение

As the game starts you are on a beach, and you need to pickup the conch shell.
Next go left and then into Sandra’s house. Talk to her and get the pieces of fish.
Find your way to the village from Sandra’s house (D, D, D, U, L). Now take the diagonal North East pointing arrow to the spa and pickup the one dollar bill. Now go to the Elder’s hut from the spa (D, U, U). Put the pieces of fish in the dog’s bowl. Enter and talk to the Elder and she will tell you about making dynamite. Go (D, D, R) to the abandoned house. Go R into the outhouse and get the empty toilet roll. Go back to the abandoned house and look at the white pen, now a new path option should appear. Go left into the house and pickup the grappling hook. Now go left again into the kitchen and get the water glass (Note the time on the microwave). Now go (R, D, D, D and L) back to the -idiots-. Buy the pink dildo and go back to Sandra’s place on the beach (D, D, D, D, R, U). Talk to her and then give her the dildo. Take your new crowbar which she gives you as compensation to the spa ( D, D, D, U, L, R). Use the crowbar on the window and go inside. Change the time on the clock to the time that was on the microwave (4:30) and pickup the cigarettes and the breast pump. Now go back to Sandra and get her to use the breast pump thus giving you milk (L, D, D, D, R, U) Go back to the -idiots- and give the milk in the glass to (D, D, D, U, L, L) Lora. A weapon, hooray!! Go out of the -idiots- and go into the pawn store. Give the cigarettes to Amaelia, so she will give you some gunpowder. Go to the elder’s hut (D, U, U, U) and she will turn the gunpowder and empty toilet roll into a stick of dyn-o-mite!

Go (D, D, D, D, R) to the clay wall blocking the observatory and use the dyn-o-mite! to blow up the wall and proceed into the maze. At the first pathway into the cave follow these directions: Go Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up. {Optional} Use the water glass on the well and get some fresh water. Throw the grappling hook over the branch and climb up (click on it). Go into the observatory and use the crowbar on the cabinet, now you can grab the silver key that opens that big friggin’ gate. {Optional) Go down the ladder to get the cog and use the water on the furnace. Exit the observatory and put the cog in with the other gears to power the transport gondola. {Optional} Go into the observatory and up the stairs to the top level and turn the telescope on. There are 21 buttons, 3 rows of 7, I reference them by row and column from left as 1 and right as 7. Follow this order: Push 2,7. 2,6. 2,7. 3,5. 1,5. 2,4. 2,3. then .. I cannot recall. Either way, the telescope isn’t necessary to beat the game. Anyway, exit the observatory and take the gondola down to the entrance. Next go down twice to the big friggin’ gate and use the silver key to open it.

Go U, U, to the giant half robot and use the hand cannon on him.Go to the hut from here, (U, R, R) and into the oil pipe. Continue into the house and look at the open cabinet. On the bottom shelf next to the orange circle there is a laxative you can pickup. Take this and head to the bull in the pen by the abandoned house, (D, D, D, L, L, D, D, D, D, L, U, R, U) Use the laxative on the mean looking bull and get some Bull Shit. Head back to the alien using the silver key to open the gate (D, D, D, D, U, U, U, U). Give the BS to the alien and go left, and explore the cave until you meet Rina. She will give you a knife know go down to the Mushroom Groove which is one postion above the entrance to this area. Use the knife on the moss. Go in after the moss is cut and put the conch shell on the crab. Now that the water is released go to the volcano and jump in. Follow it to Rina and the plane. In the plane pickup the Flamethrower. Return to the Mushroom Groove. Go D, and L, to the haystack burn it down with the flamethrower and get the battery. Go Up and use the flamethrower to burn the path open. Take Laruel’s quiz.

The Answers:
1. 28
2. Paula
3. Amaelia
4. 5
5. hammer (case sensative)
6. Wendel
7. milk (case sensative)
8. soap
9. Laurel
10. 6

Once you have the engine from Laurel jump back down the volcano and head to the plane. Once you reach the plane use the rocket engine on the right broken wing. Enter the plane and place the battery above the key hole. Talk to Rina and she tells you to get the gold ignition key from the elder Terra. Find your way all the way back to the spa and repeatidly enter and exit until you see the elder with her green clothes lying on the ground bathing in the spa. Once you rummage through Terra’s clothes you get the ignition key. Return to the downed craft use the ignition key and you have beaten the game.

(The importance of the waterfall and the stairs behind it, the spiderweb, and the telescope).

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