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> Dailion Tower
сообщение 15.4.2007, 3:07
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Dailion Tower

Begin Floor Down - elevator, side area w. poster and water canal
-- side area - put somnifere, aspirin, and prozac from 9a into water
-- by elevator, 7th step down is 'false stair'

1: Hall 1 - (note, two pedestals)

2: Saloon - adhesive tape, ink, yellow jewel, lighter (click near the base of the lamp and it'll zoom in)
-- Use a knife from 3 to get yellow jewel
-- yellow jewel goes to 9c
-- ink goes in printer on 11
-- tape
-- lighter used in 7b, 19, ???
-- use key from 14 to open blue door to ole!

2a: ole - ladder (will not be there if already got arrow in 18)
-- ladder can be used to wake up via the fountain
-- any ideas on other uses or how to get ladder AND arrow?

3: Cuisine - spoon, plate, butterknife, butter, chef's knife, cleaver (move stool)
-- spoon and plate go to the counter in 9c
-- butter knife goes to red jewel in 12
-- cleaver goes to blue jewel in 11
-- kitchen knife goes to yellow jewel in 2
-- see room 9c to use the jewels
-- butter goes to fairy in 7a

4: Garage - bucket, saw (move barrels)
-- dont know what to do w. carriage
-- saw thru the table in 19, then get arrow
-- bucket

5: Taller - book, microphone, microscope
-- use microscope on small gray plate in 16 for a note
-- microphone goes on the radio in 13
-- book

6: Sala de Estar - liquid rare (white jar, move box), duct tape, beaker, screwdriver (shelf, right, 2nd fr top)
-- use screwdriver on mirror for code
-- liquid rare goes on poisen plant in 19d
-- beaker
-- duct tape

7: Taller of - night goggles, connection cord, xacto knife, pencil, cockoo key
-- use night goggles on floor 19 dark room
-- connection cord goes in room 11 to the power outlet
-- pencil
-- cuckoo key goes in cabinet in 14

-- you can use the xacto knife on the ouija poster to wake up w. whatever you have so far
-- or you can use hte xacto on the ouija AFTER you use the jewels in 9c and get the note from the vase in 14 to open up fairy rooms

7a: through the ouija - barrel of magic beer
-- give the fairy the butter to open the trap door
-- click the bottom portion of the screen to see the other half of the room, give the fairy the hairbrush, can also give her the purse before the brush
-- beer (cant get it)

7b: down the hatch - (there's a table)
-- put the oil skein on the table
-- light it on fire w. the lighter, leave & come back (mssg about arrow), then go talk to fairy by the beer again

7c: ships navigation -
-- the man needs to use the head, give him what he needs! (aka tp)
-- it says i want the wheel, but cant get it either... when you go back in he says fine, i go to wc, but he doesnt leave

8: Sala de Estar - computer room
-- click the cool marquet on the shelf to enter

8a: inside the cm - invocation translates roughly to light hte candles, drink a lot of booze, light the candles, and other spanish stuff

9: Pasillo - hall w. 3 rooms:

9a: Pasillo - bathroom - towel, eyelashes, makeup brush, tp, plunger, hairbrush, lipstick, aspirina, prozac, ducky, "somnifere" (yellow thing)
-- use plunger in vase to get a note
-- hairbrush goes to the fairy in the second part of 7a
-- tp goes to the captain in 7c
-- eyelashes
-- makeup brush
-- lipstick
-- aspirin, prozac & somnifere go into water in begining side area w. poster
-- ducky
-- towel goes on counter in 9c

9b: Library - nada!

9c: Sala de Estar -- lobster that wants to be fed
-- once you have all three & read hte note in the vase, the gems go in here back on the wall
-- plate & spoon go on the counter
-- place towel on counter, leave & re-enter to get new info from lobster, then click lobster for a note
-- info from lobster means put tiara from 10 on armour in 13 to get jewel panal

10: Princess - horse, tiara, pillow, shoe (in castle)
-- tiara goes on hte suit of armor in 13 to get jewel panel in 9c
-- click door on big castle to see gazebo, then click bottom of screen to see & get shoe

11: Dormitorio - wirecutters, watch
-- plug in connector cord to outlet here
-- wirecutters open the empty case

12: Party Room - red jewel, spider, ashtray, vodka, invisable key (near couch)
-- get red jewel w. butter knife, use in 9c
-- vodka goes in 19 on table by the tree
-- spider goes in fishbowl in room 16
-- ashtray goes by the turkey tree in 19
-- not sure what happens with the invisible key, but be careful, somehow i used it and then jumped out of a room that looked like an ice castle to my death

13: Relax Room - coffee cup, brujula (compass/watch? hidden in couch back left)
Gold Key! (hidden front right of couch)
-- note on table (bitacore n3)
-- put tiara on armour to see jewel panel in 9c
-- coffee cup
-- brujula
-- gold key

14: Reunion Room - purse, "bala de oro", gray key (bottom right by vase)
-- use plunger in vase to get a note (bitacora n2)
-- use cuckoo key on cabinet to get note (bitacora n5)
-- use bala de oro in ashtray under tree in 19
-- gray key goes to blue door in 2
-- purse can go to fairy before hairbrush in 7a

15: Hanger I - briefcase w. lock, post w. numbers
-- use code gotten from mirror in 6 to open briefcase & get note (sometimes it stops to advace, you must back down)

16: Hanger II - nothing
-- fishbowl for spider, cup looking things
-- use microscope on small metal plate for a note

17: Psykiatric - nothing (shrink room )

18: Pasillo - arrow (will not be there if already got ladder in 2a)
-- ideas on how to get ladder AND arrow?
-- saw thru hte table in 19, then get arrow
-- arrow

19: Top Tower: 4 areas

19a: Dailion Room - dark room, bracelet (on table)
-- use night goggles to see
-- use ashtray under turkey tree
-- use bala de oro in ashtray, it turns into a cigarette
-- use lighter to light candles. get one and then try them all again & so on until all are lit

19b: blue door - click to exit wink.gif
-- click the VERY BOTTOM LEFT corner to see outter view, be careful not to exit

19c: outter view - clouds, bones, grate
-- left & middle clouds are safe enough,
-- right cloud to exit
-- grate for coffin room

19d: grate - coffin, poisenous plant, purple jewel
-- use rare liquid from 6 on plant to get purple jewel

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