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> Anode & Cathode - The House
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Anode & Cathode - The House

Starting at the pool, take the net and use it to fish the oyster out of the water to get a emerald key. This will take a few attempts, so be patient.

Go into the hallway, collect any scrape piece of papers cos they are rather useless. Go to the living room from the kitchen. Lift up the pillow on sofa and click on the sewn part to get a blue key. Get the dvd from drawer. Switch on the tv and insert the dvd. These are instructions to escape the hse.

Use the blue key to unlock the bathroom. Click on the sewage hole to get brown microchip. Next use emerald key to unlock the room, click on cupboard and under the socks to get a pink microchip. Go to the kitchen. Look at all the cups and add all the numbers up. (There are 12 signs) This is the code for the unknown room with no handle.

Use the decoder at hallway. Key in 0158 to open the door. Enter room click on painting to get glasses. Then click repeatedly on third knob of drawer to get ornage microchip. now put the microchip into glasses one by one and click on the chip. You will see several scenes that reveal where the three jewellry are.

Go to kitchen. Click on the smelly food where the mouse had gone to repeatedly to get a earring. then go to living room, click on one of the dvds to get the bracelet. After that click on the vase in the hallway to get the thrid jewellry. Now place all of them into the magic jewellry box found on the library to get a strange key.

Use this key to open the window in the room with no handle. there...u're out.

When you're in the main game, click repeatedly on the library bottom right hand corner to get a piece of paper with taxi-number on it. Call a taxi using the number (175-543-477) to unlock bonus game after u escape the room.

For bonus game, it's easy to escape the car. Collect all the pieces of paper and deduce order of numbers.

1) The first is always the last: Meaning no.1 is placed at the last.
2) Fourth from right is second: No2 is fourth from the right.
3) 6 is the first and descend to stop at 4. Meaning first three numbers are 6,5,4
4) It says that remaining, 7 is in the middle, so the next three numbers after 2 must be 8,7,3.

You've got the code. It's 65428731.


Ok so you start off by the swimming pool. See the blue deck chair? Well underneath is a note, pick that up and the silver pole on the deck chair which is a fishing net

Go through the wooden door into the hall. Theres a note on the side of the book shelf.

Click the downwards arrow to turn around. Then click the right door to go into the kitchen.

Click the glasses on the table, the first says 21, the second 57, the third 00068, and the fourth asks you how many astrological signs there are, 12. add these numbers together and you get 158.

Go back to the hall by clicking the door at the top then look at the top left door. Click on the blue box. You will notice the code is 4 numbers so add a 0 to 158 (00068 is the clue for that) and so input 0158, green button, and door will open.

In the room, click on the portrait and take the glasses.

Click on the third shelf down until the knob breaks and u receive a green chip.

Go back to the kitchen and then the lounge. Click on the white cushion then the rip on the sofa and you receive the key to the bathroom.

Unlock the bathroom and take another chip out of a waterproof bag hidden in the shower drain.

The note you received from under the deck chair tells you that the cook will open the door. So go out to the swimming pool and use the fishing net to fish the pool for goodies. (this may take a few clicks in different places)

Finally you receive an oyster. Click on the oyster and it opens, revealing an emerald key.

Back to the hall and unlock “the room” to the right of the bookcase with this key.

Click on the left door of the wardrobe and click on the socks and take the last green chip from underneath them.

Now click on the glasses in your inventory and put any of the chips into the space shown. Now click on the chip and you will be shown a memory.

The brown chip shows a girl spiking your drink. The important thing is the dvd she goes for afterwards. Click this dvd (left side, top shelf, red one, 2nd from left) in the lounge and you receive a ring.

Now put the orange chip in the glasses. This memory shows you making out with a girl. Its easy to mistake this memory to mean something about the rug the drink is spilt on, however watch the second scene carefully and to the left you will see a hand drop something into the green vase. Sneaky eh? Go and investigate and you will find a bracelet when the vase smashes.

Now put the pink chip in. Don’t watch the mouse, watch the box on the table, and you will see something appear in it. Go the kitchen, the box is now on the right with something in it, open it and keep clicking until you receive an earring.

Now go to the bookcase in the hall. Click on the box with arrows on it. The magic jewllery box. Open it and put the ring in the space, then the earring in the new space then the bracelet and you receive a button.

This button and the jewelry then transform into a key, which doesn’t open the main door like youd expect, but go into the room to the left and use the key on the fake window, which is actually a door.

The end

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