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1. To turn the lights on you just need to go right to the end of the passage and click the 3 middle buttons on the panel in no particular order.
2. The white orb is in the secret passage.
3. The green orb is underneath the floor as said, you need to click to the bottom left of the doorway facing the start.
4. The blue orb lights up after you press one of the buttons on the right next to it. But it's not a question of them "lighting up" you need to look at the symbol that is on each colour and write it down.
5. As said above, there are two locations which give you the codes "598" and "427" (count the dots). On the first puzzle you do, the number of bars that light up give you the number of the symbol. So the one that is just a circle is number one, etc. Then when you only have two left to find, you use trial and error to work out which is 7 and which is 9.
6. The end puzzle is just a matter of clicking the appropriate symbol for each orb in the order on the panel in the room with the blue and green orbs. So: red, white, blue, yellow, green, pink/purple.

(Throughout this, there are orbs, and when you click them, they show you symbols. I am certain these symbols are important, so click the orbs and note the symbols).

Go down the corridor in the direction you start out facing, until you get to the pyramid thing. To turn on the lights, you have to figure out how to add bars up to the line but no further. Each button adds a different number of bars - you might want to take note of how many.
After turning on the lights, turn around. Ahead of you and to the left is a floating pointer-type dealy. Each time you click it, it points in a different direction. Make note of these directions.
Go back into the windowed hallway. At some point, it will give you arrows to turn right and left. Turn right. Above the bubble, you see some marks, click on them. Make note of the markings.
Turn left again, and head further down the hall. Ahead and to your right you see an empty pedestal. Click it, and click it again. You should see some markings on the pedestal that bear some resemblance to the last set of markings. Make note of them.
Head further down the hall till you come to a room. Turn left, open the door, and head down this hall.
In the second room you come to, there is a red orb to your right. To your left is some kind of panel. Make note of the symbols on the right side of the panel.
Turn right. You will come to a keypad. I don't want to give it all away, but I'll say this: each key on the keypad represents a digit from 1 to 9. Based on the notes you've made, you probably can figure out which symbol corresponds with which digit. Also, based on the markings you've observed, you can probably figure out what the code is. Enter it, and press the large button on the bottom. If you've done it right, there should be some colors flashing, and when you look up, there will be a pulsating green thing above it.
Turn around, and head back to the central room. There is a panel in the middle of the three chairs. Press it to bring up a map. The map is an overhead view of the game. Notice the corridor on the map that you haven't visited.
Turn right. Go through the corridor into the room with the model city. Look at the empty pedestal, then click the area behind it, above and to the right. Keep clicking until a secret door opens.
Go through the door, turn left and go down. You will find a control panel with six hexagons, and another to the right. Again, I won't give it all away, but I'll say this: First, click the large one. Then click the one with the dot. Then, click the other small ones in the order indicated by the spinning pointer dealy from near the beginning of the game. Then, click the big one again. You'll know if you've got it.
Turn around. In the antechamber before this room, you can turn right or left. Turn right. If you don't see a white orb, turn around, click the panel in front of you, then turn around again.
Turn left and go back up the hallway. When you get out to the room, turn right, and go back through the central room, into another room. Turn right and you'll see a panel with a bunch of symbols on them. That's all I know.

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