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> Atlantzone, Прохождение
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You find yourself in Atlantzone, in front of a mansion with a closed red door. You spy a nameplate to the right of the door. The cursor changes to a "?" Click on the plaque, to zoom in and check the name of the occupant of this mansion. You find that this house belongs to Rodrigue Grandcoeur, Solicitor.
Click again to zoom out.
Click on the door. The cursor changes into a hand at the top of the keyhole. Click again to hear your character comment "Elisabeth is not in, yet".
It's patently obvious that you'll have to wait for someone to let you in or you'll just have to do it yourself.
Check your inventory (click on the button named "Objets"). You'll find a key in the inventory. Select the key, click on the red wheel to use the selected object and then click on the door. The key now disappears from your inventory. Enter the house and climb the stairs. You now find yourself in a study.


Moving the cursor around the room, presents you with four possible points of view. From right to left, you see:
A desk in an apparent state of disorder.
A library.
A computer.
A window that looks out onto the park.
Let's approach the desk, first, and look through the assortment of objects randomly strewn around. The cursor changes into a hand when you pass it over various objects. Click on each one of them.
You find an organizer belonging to R. Grandcoeur, along with a paper that contains a mysterious inscription: 36RG.
The telephone rings at this point. Answer the phone and speak to the person who identifies herself as the secretary of Doctor Knock and reminds you of your upcoming appointment with the doctor. The conversation with the doctor's secretary confirms that you have been known to be forgetful. Ah, good! That sets the tone for the rest of the game.
You find an old photo of yourself.
You find a notebook, which then appears in your inventory. Select the "examine an object" icon in your inventory and then click on the notebook. (Note: always click on the "examine an object" icon before selecting the object to examine) The cursor transforms itself into a hand. Open Rodrigue's notebook and read it.
You also find a letter opener, tucked away between some pens. Click on it and you now find it in your inventory. It's bound to come in handy.
Click to the right of the screen to examine your computer. Click on the computer, and then click on the power button to turn it on. (The cursor changes into a hand symbol, near the general area of the power button).
You hear a knock on the door.
Click left to return to the study and click left again to return to the door.
Click on the door to open it. You find Elisabeth, your secretary, with a letter for you. Click on the letter; it now appears in your inventory.
Examine the envelope. It is addressed to you.
Click on the stamp, top right, to flip the envelope over.
You now discover the name of the sender: Séraphin Balkhach, as well as his address. Notice how the cursor transforms itself into a "?" when you pass it over the address. (See Note #3 - MOVING AROUND ATLANTZONE)
Click on the address. Rodrigue notes down the name and address in his notebook.
All that remains is for you to read Séraphin Balkhach's letter. This is where that letter opener you picked up comes in handy.
Combine the letter opener with the letter to open it.
Examine Séraphin's letter, which now appears in the inventory.
Click on the "?" that appears. Rodrigue makes a note.
You find that Sigismond Canches, the deceased, filed his last will and testament with Rodrigue Grandcoeur. The will is located someplace in the study. It is up to you now, to locate Monsieur Canches' will.
Click on the library, to your left.
Examine the panels on the right as well as the left. Rodrigue despairs of finding anything in the mess.
The telephone rings: it's just your friend Lucien, inviting you to play a game of bridge.
Well, back to the problem at hand: how on earth do you locate Canches' last will and testament? Obviously, there would have to be some method to the apparent madness that is Rodrigue's study.
Click on the computer.
Click on the screen. You are prompted to enter a user name and password. You already have the elements needed for both.
Now that you know the location of the will, all that's left is for you to retrieve it and examine its contents. Return to the library.
Open the panel on the right.
Retrieve the blue dossier on the top, left.
Open the dossier and click on the third file from the top. This is Canches' file. Open the file. Click on Canches' will. You will receive a sealed envelope in your inventory. Use the letter opener to open the envelope and examine its contents. Read Canches' testament carefully. This is the base of the adventure that follows.
You will undoubtedly have to learn more, and who better to question than Séraphin Balkhach, Canches' major-domo. Luckily, you have his address. Head on, out the door, and down the stairs. A small change of scene follows. Click to find yourself in the garden of Canches' house.


A save point appears. Save your game at this point and continue.
You find yourself inside the property. Knock on the door. You can hear dogs barking. Ring the doorbell to attract the attention of the occupants of the house.
Séraphin Balkhach answers the door, accompanied by two dogs. Click on Séraphin, who grumpily shuts the door in your face.
Ring the doorbell again. Select Séraphin's letter from your inventory to assure him of your credentials. Séraphin remains unconvinced. Select Canches' will and then click on Séraphin once more. Convinced that you are who you say you are, Séraphin steps aside to let you through the door. Climb the stairs to Canches' office.


You are now in Canches' office. Take the time to explore the office thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the cursor as it changes into a hand when you examine the various objects on Canches' desk. Séraphin Balkhach puts a damper in any further exploration of Canches' desk. Ignore him and search through the rest of Canches' office. It is important to familiarize yourself with this place.
Click on Séraphin, when you feel your search will not proceed without additional help.
Séraphin looks blank until you select Canches' will and then click on him.
Click on the strip of possible dialogs.
You learn more about Sigismond Canches and his secret research. You also find out about the existence of a safe and of a note that Canches left you on his bureau.
Click on the note in the paper-holder on the desk. An inscription appears at the back. It reads, "The ancestors bring knowledge"
This cryptic inscription holds the secret to opening the safe.
Open the safe and examine the books.
Examine the parchment or "grimoire".
Click on the grimoire. It is illegible. Rodrigue comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to find Canches' heirs.
There is an envelope under the grimoire. Take it, open it and read it. (At the risk of repeating myself: Use your cursor to read the text. See Note 3: Moving around Atlantzone.)
Note the names and addresses of the four heirs and the order in which to locate them. Don't fret if you can't remember the names, addresses or the order in which to find the heirs. You'll find that Rodrigue has already noted this information in his notebook.
Click on Séraphin to begin a new dialog.
Each book in Canches' safe gives you clues to find a part of the code to decipher the text of the grimoire. You need to find 5 keys and 5 codes to make sense of it all. The fifth heir remains a mystery.
Leave Canches' house and step into the garden. A change of scene follows. Click to proceed to the next step.


Open the garage door.
You find a Peugeot 203 with the nameplate "36RG".
Click on the handle on the driver's side to open the car.
You find yourself staring at the dash. All that remains is for you to start the engine.
If you're stuck, see [REVVING UP THE PEUGEOT 203].
Now that you're en route and have the map of Atlantzone and surrounding areas, click on the first stop on your search for the heirs: HEXILLES.

PROLOGUE: HEXILLES (Professor Onésime Cosinus, heir #1)

Proceed to the door after verifying that this is indeed the house of Professor Cosinus (check the plaque, by the mailbox).
Ring the doorbell. It appears that there is nobody home.
Try knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell again until a voice asks what you are doing there.
You turn around to find an individual standing at the edge of the garden, looking a little suspicious.
Talk to him.
You learn that he is the custodian and that Professor Cosinus is absent.
There is nothing more to do at Professor Cosinus'.
You'll have to get a move on if you want to locate the other heirs.
Get into the car and click on the next location on the map: BISE-EN-TINE.

PROLOGUE: BISE-EN-TINE (Philémon Vélin, heir #2)

You find yourself facing a charming little street, flanked by rows of shops and tenements.
The toyshop is closed, as is the photo studio.
You need to proceed to Number 10. (You'll find Philémon's address in Rodrigue's notebook).
Knock on the door of number 10. It appears that there is no one at home.
The strange inscription over Number 11 catches your eye. (Read with the cursor!)
You decide that the inscription merits a translation. However there is nobody at Number 11, as well.
Intrigued, you return to the toyshop. Luckily it is open and you walk right in. You talk to the owner of the shop.
You find out that Philémon is not at home. There is nothing more to do in Bise-en-Tine.
Get back into the car and drive to ZORQUES.

PROLOGUE: ZORQUES (Cunégonde Carmel, heir #3)

You find yourself at a convent.
Knock on the door and talk to the nun.
You find that the nun can offer no clues on Cunégonde's whereabouts.
It seems a bit weird that the heirs are so inaccessible. There's nothing more to do in Zorques. Mayhap, the remaining heir will not prove to be so reclusive, after all.
If you'd like, you could take a turn in the park (located to the left of your car.)
You find a chapel, which seems to be closed.
You can click on the little stone bench in the park; however, Rodrigue in typical Gallic fashion will exclaim that he has no time for a rest.
On to SIX-BERIAS, to look for Artémise Miraud, the remaining heir.

PROLOGUE: SIX BERIAS (Artémise Miraud, heir #4)

Enter and knock on the door. Nobody seems to answer the door.
Go into the garden and knock on the door.
This time, somebody answers the door. She identifies herself as Pétronille.
You can find out nothing more than the fact that Artémise has disappeared, just like the other heirs.
There is nothing more to do but to get back into the car and return to Canches' office.


Knock on the door.
Séraphin answers, looking terribly put out. Can you tell that he bears more than a passing resemblance to a cat that has lapped a particularly sour bowl of cream?
He has nothing more to tell you other than to follow Canches' instructions for locating the heirs, in the order indicated.
Obviously, there is nothing more to be learned from him.
Click to leave the garden. A small change of scene later, you find yourself in Chapter I.

Full Blown Cheats:


The user name and password can be found in Rodrigue's organizer. Remember the cryptic note with the inscription "36RG"?
Enter "Grandcoeur" for the username and "36RG" for the password field.
Careful: the field for the username is case sensitive! So "grandcoeur" or "GRANDCOEUR" will be rejected.
For the name of the client, enter "Canches". (The computer is not quite as picky when it comes to entering the name of a customer. "canches" works just as well as "Canches". As Patrick/axolotl pointed out: the software tends to be more forgiving with the names of customers. This makes sense, given that it's basically a search mechanism.)


Canches' note contains the inscription "The ancestors hold the key".
There are three portraits of Canches' ancestors in the study. Two of them are located behind the desk. A third portrait can be found hanging over the fireplace.
Click on the portrait of the female ancestor to retrieve a paper containing the code: "1T3-3T4-2T1".
You will find a key to the safe, behind the portrait over the fireplace.
You will find both items in your inventory.
The safe is located in the library – panel at the bottom right.
Click on the safe. You notice three round disks.
The disk on the bottom left contains three holes: bottom left, top and bottom right.
Use the key to the safe on the holes. Obviously, the code "1T3-3T4-2T1" refers to how many times you need to turn the key in each hole.
1 = Bottom left -> 3 Turns
3 = Bottom right -> 4 Turns
2 = Top -> 1 Turn
Click on the key to make a "turn".
Another save point appears. Save your game and continue.


Adjust the rear-view mirror.
Click on the buttons to the right of the steering wheel. (Click on the "?") You zoom in on the buttons.
Click on the leftmost button. It does nothing.
The button to the right of the leftmost button can be depressed. This is the "starter".
Click on the knob to the right of the starter. Make sure that it is pulled out.
Click on the starter again.
Click on the steering wheel.
Zoom out and return to the main screen.
Release the hand brake. (You'll find it just below the steering wheel)
Click on the lever to change the speed, which is just to the right of the steering wheel. And we're off!
Click on the car as it passes past the bridge.
Click on the screen that follows and you are then presented with a map of Atlantzone and surrounding areas. You notice the village of Atlantzone, (printed in red), as well as the residences of the four heirs.

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