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> Mnog 2 The Final Chronicle, Прохождение
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Mata Nui Online Game II (MNOG II) The Final Chronicle
Complete Walkthrough

01 - Intro
02 - Fixing your leaky roof
03 - Fixing the bridge contraption & extending the bridge
04 - Getting the Hatchet
05 - Getting the Sickle & the town Turaga returns and makes as announcement
06 - Getting a Kolhii Stick
07 - Getting the Purity Charm, Nixie's Key, the Unity Charm, and the Speed Charm
08 - Getting your first Widgets and the Crystal of Purity
09 - Your first Training Game (Speed Training)
10 - Playing your first Kolhii match
11 - Optional things to do in Ga-Koro that are not yet important to do
12 - Getting some supplies and then exploring a new Koro
13 - Getting the Sluice, 1st Checkup, Pickaxe, 1st sale, and another Air Bladder
14 - Helping 3 Onu-Matoran, using your Pickaxe, & getting a 70 Widget reward
15 - Getting 999 Widgets!!!
16 - Your second training lesson, Stamina
17 - Getting some Protodermis and exploring the rest of the flooded mine
18 - Your second Kolhii match (Onu-Koro)
19 - Training more Stamina, gathering more Seaweed, & training more Speed
20 - Exploring Ko-Koro, the city of ice & getting the Destiny Charm & Peace Charm
21 - Getting Bamboo Poles for Flags, navigating the Wastes, and training Willpower
22 - Training Strategy
23 - Buying Kolhii Balls to train with & training Strength
24 - Going to the last Koro left to see, Le-Koro & training Accuracy
25 - Getting another Checkup to view your Ability Points & playing Onu-Koro at Kolhii again
26 - Intense training & beating all of the other Koros in Kolhii
27 - Getting the Strategy, Creation, Accuracy, and Faith Charms from Po-Koro, & Le-Koro
28 - Getting the Crystal of Creation in Po-Koro
29 - Getting the Strength Charm in Ta-Koro

The very beginning of the game starts you at your home village (a.k.a. "Koro") called Ga-Koro on the island of Mata Nui. You are a "Ga-Matoran" (or person that lives in the village/Koro called Ga-Koro). Ga-Koro is one of 6 villages/Koros on Mata Nui. You are a female assistant Flax Maker named Hahli. You start out inside your hut which is shown on the Ga-Koro map as a circle labeled "home". Each circle on the maps represents one "scene" in the game. A scene is each section or screen of the game that changes when you move your character to another place. For example, if you walk outside your hut by going out of the door, you will be in a new scene which shows you outside of your hut. You can click on the large and small circles on every map to pull up a screenshot image of that scene and also see anything that is important pointed out and described. Note: All other Matoran or people who live in your village are colored blue and are female.

If you look around inside your hut you will see a leaky roof dripping into a puddle on the ground, and a note pinned on the wall right by the door. Click on the note to view it, notice that the writing on it is some sort of code. View my Text Decoder here. The note says "Things to do today - make flax!". Note: If you can't "X out" or "close" the screen to stop viewing what the note says or if there is nothing on it, it's a glitch in the game, try refreshing your browser, or if that doesn't work try closing your browser and then opening it again and going to lego.com to start it again, you should start close to the same place you were at before. This may occur a lot when you view a note or sign with writing on it. Go outside your hut and you will now be in a new scene (it is still labeled "home" on the map), there you can see your hut, a ladder leading up to the roof, and two options of ways to go... up or down.

Walk down to get to the next scene. Note: on my maps, each scene is represented as a large or small circle, but ignore the paths between them, they are just there to let you know which directions you can go in each scene, the length of each path has nothing to do with the game. Pick up the Harakeke Plants laying on the ground, then go inside the hut in the upper right corner which has a sign above the doorway which says "East Garden". On my maps it is labeled as the one and only place that you can find Cowrie Shells and Seaweed.

Once inside you will see a hole in the ground filled with water, this is where you need to dive into to gather Cowrie Shells and Seaweed.

Gather at least 17 Cowrie Shells & 10 Seaweed to start with. You can check what items you have by clicking on the green bag at the top left of your screen. Note: the more Seaweed you gather first, the faster you swim and the faster everything grows back which allows you to collect more shells and seaweed at a faster rate - this is due to the animating seaweed slowing down the speed of the game (may not apply on all computers). Now go back inside your hut (scene labeled "home" on map). Climb up the ladder to the roof outside your hut. Look in your bag of items, select the Seaweed to put some in your hands and then click on the hole in your roof to put the Seaweed over the hole.

Now go inside your hut and pick up the Large Shell laying where the puddle used to be. Go back outside your hut, then walk down one scene, and then walk to the lower left scene to get to the bridge contraption. Pull out the Large Shell from your bag and put it on the contraption where it is missing a shell to repair it.

Now go to the scene on the Ga-Koro Map with the number 1 on it and go into the hut. Note: The numbers on the maps tell you which Matoran or person is located there. This is Amaya's hut. She turns Harakeke Plants and Cowrie Shells into Flax. Talk to her and give her your Harakeke Plants and Cowrie Shells, she will then give you a Throwing Disc. Now leave her hut, go down one scene, down another scene passing your hut, and go up the ladder to the bridge on your left. Pull out your Throwing Disc and try to hit the stone weight to knock it loose. Keep trying to hit it, once you do, pull the lever to extend the bridge. Now you will have access to the rest of the village.

Go to the scene labeled "T" on the Ga-Koro Map and pick up the Bamboo Wood laying on the wooden deck. Note: the letter T on the map means that later in the game, this is where you will Train for a particular Skill, but you can't yet.

Find Kailani, The Craftswoman, she is number 12 on the Ga-Koro Map. Her hut is the one on the lower left side, if she is not there then just wait for her to return.

Give her 10 Bamboo Wood and 10 Cowrie Shells to get the Hatchet. Now you can use your Hatchet to cut down and collect more Bamboo Wood, you can find it all over Ga-Koro. (the best place nearest to you is right when you leave Kailani's hut, go down 2 scenes. Bamboo also grows back like everything else)

Once you have 20 Bamboo Wood, go back to Kailani and get the Sickle, this tool allows you to cut and collect more Harakeke Plants. Whenever you hear the town bell ring, that means you need to go to the Town Center. It has the numbers 4 and 5 on it on the Ga-Koro Map. There you will see every Ga-Matoran gathered to hear the announcement of your town leader, also called the Turaga. You will learn that you have been chosen to play Forward in the Kolhii Championship.

Now with your Sickle, cut down and gather Harakeke Plants until you have a total of at least 150 in your carrying bag, with your Hatchet cut down and gather Bamboo Wood until you have a total of at least 15 in your bag, & also gather more Cowrie Shells until you have a total of at least 27 in your bag. Now go to the "#1" on the map, go in the hut and ask Amaya to turn all of your Harakeke and Cowrie into Flax.
Now you should have at least 50 Flax. Now find Kotu who is number 10 on the map and ask her to turn your Bamboo Wood into a Bamboo Pole.

Now go across to Kailani's hut and ask her for a Kolhii Stick. If you can't get one from her at this point, then continue to the next step which is in red, otherwise if you get a Kolhii Stick from her then skip the red text.

Go to Kai and have her turn all of your Flax into String, you should have 10 String.

Now go to Shasa and have her weave your String into a Net.

Now go to Kailani and ask her to turn your 2 Cowrie Shells into 2 Fishhooks, then ask her to turn your Bamboo Pole, your Net, and your 2 Fishhooks into a Kolhii Stick.

Now go to Marka, talk to her about purity and she will give you the Purity Charm.

Then go to the letter "L" on the map which will take you to Ga-Koro's Leader/Turaga, inside her huge hut you will see a gild key laying on the ground, pick it up.

Now go to Shasa and talk to her about unity and she will give you the Unity Charm.

Now go to Kai's hut and talk to her about speed and she will give you the Speed Charm.

Check your bag to see how much Flax you have, you need at least 50 Flax to continue, so get more if you need to. Now go to Kai and have her turn your Flax into 10 String. Then have her turn your 10 String into 2 Rope.

Now go to Marka and trade her the 2 Rope for 2 Widgets. Widgets are the money of Mata Nui.

Go to Pelagia and get a ferry ride to coordinates G6. Jump into the water and swim straight down, then swim toward the light quickly before your air runs out. Now you should be inside some kind of room. Pull out the Unity Charm and put it up to the hole to open the first door. Put the Purity Charm against the next hole to open the next door, then finally use the Speed Charm to open the last door. Go in and keep going straight till you see 4 water falls. You need to make them all be blue water, back up and go into the room to the left full of wheel switches. Turn whichever ones you need to make all 4 water falls blue water. Once you make them all blue, walk as far as you can toward the water falls and you will see the Crystal of Purity on the ground, pick it up.

Now go out and get the ferry driver to take you back to the port/village.

You need Air Bladders that store air for you to breathe when you are in deep water, but they cost 5 Widgets each, so you need to make some more Widgets. There are many to do that. Every way to get Widgets in Ga-Koro is going to take quite a long time, but here is one pretty quick way... Go back to where you get Cowrie Shells and Seaweed and collect 100 Seaweed (and you might as well collect Cowrie Shells too once you are there for future use).

Now go to Shasa and have her turn 100 Seaweed into 5 Sailcloths.

Trade the 5 Sailcloths to Marka for 5 Widgets.

Once you have at least 6 Widgets, go to Okoth to buy an Air Bladder for 5 Widgets.

Now go to Pelagia and ask for a ferry ride to the coordinates C9. Dive into the water, swim down and then swim toward the Takea Shark as soon as you can so you do not lose air, now you are in the Speed Training Game. Swim after the shark as fast as you can and catch it 4 times in a row to receive 1 Speed point. Tips: Watch your air on the O2 Meter and when its almost gone, open your bag and click on an Air Bladder to fill it back up - if your computer is really slow you might actually need more Air Bladders to catch the shark 4 times in a row - also don't click too fast or too slow to swim, find a steady rhythm that makes you swim as fast as possible. You can find an illustrated guide for training Speed on the "mnolg2 index". Once you get the shark 4 times and you get +1 Speed Point, you will appear back in the boat. You can jump back in the water to train more if you have Air Bladders, it would be cheaper to since it costs you 1 Widget to get a ferry ride out there and you are already there, but you don't need to yet. Eventually you are going to need at least 30 Speed Points to beat every Koro's Kolhii team, but that won't be for a while. As you train in any skill more and more times and gain more and more Skill Points, the training for it gets harder. In this training game for example, the shark will start getting further and further away as you train and much harder to catch. When you are done, ask Pelagia to take you back to the port.

Go to Nokama the Leader/Turaga (L on map) and tell her that you are ready to play the Kolhii match.

Then go to the Kolhii Field which is the letter K on the map, now you are in the game. Tips: Try to get a hold of the ball, run with it toward the opposing team's goal, get as close as you can, and throw it in the goal. Get more points than the other team before the clock runs out to win.

If you don't beat them, then you have to go back to the Turaga (L) to set up the match again to try again. It is possible to beat the other team if you only have 1 Speed, but if you can't do it, then go do jobs around Ga-Koro to get more Widgets for more Air Bladders to chase the Takea Shark and get more Speed Points. Each Skill Point you get in any of the 6 skills helps you play Kolhii better, once you get close to a hundred Skill Points in a particular skill, it gets extremely difficult to train, but you can get well over a hundred points in each skill. Right now you can only train in Speed, Strategy, Strength, and Accuracy. You can travel to those Koros to train in those skills, but it will take tons more time and work to do at this point, I suggest you just concentrate on getting Speed and just getting better yourself at learning how to play Kolhii. You can get an illustrated guide on how to play Kolhii on the "mnolg2 index". Either way, you must beat the other team at Ga-Koro's Kolhii Field to continue on through this walkthrough.

Before you leave Ga-Koro, there are a few things you can still do that weren't mentioned. These things have no real purpose yet, but probably will as the game gets updated and further into the story. First, you can go visit Nixie and show her the Crystal of Purity, but in order to do so you must open the door to her laboratory with Nixie's Key which is in your bag.

When you talk to her, pull out the Crystal of Purity and she will comment about it. You can also explore her lab, there are 2 floors to it and a sort of balcony to go out on and look around.

You can also look through her giant telescope and see the Mask Waterfall. (you can also walk to it by going to the Beach and turning right but you can only see a little bit of it there)

Second, you can make Rigging for Marka, the Shipwright, if you would like, she claims to need lots of it to get her boat done, but I've spent many hours making lots of Rigging and giving it to her and it doesn't change anything when you give her a lot, plus in a little while you are going to be told how to get 999 Widgets so you can just buy Rigging from the various Merchants all over Mata Nui which saves tons of time.
Third, you can talk to every Matoran in Ga-Koro to see what they say and collect information about what will eventually happen in the game, so far no one really knows.
Fourth, you can purchase a map of Ga-Koro from the Map & Chart Maker (it's the only map u can buy in the game).

Fifth, you can go all around Ga-Koro and find the various secret notes laying around and de-code them to see what they say, you really don't need to, but it's fun to find out more about the game. I will soon post a section that decodes and shows you all the notes collected on the "mnolg2 index", check back for it in a few days.
Lastly, on your way out of Ga-Koro when you reach the Beach, you can go all the way left and view this weird boulder that has a sign near it which says "Beware".

Ok, now that you've beaten the opposing team in Kolhii in Ga-Koro, you are now able to venture into Onu-Koro and complete a few tasks there. But before you leave Ga-Koro, check your bag, you need to have at least 30 Bamboo Wood, 5 Bamboo Poles, 1 Net, 5 String, and 2 Fishhooks. If you already have those things, then skip the red text, otherwise follow the next step in red text...
Chop down Bamboo Trees with your Hatchet in Ga-Koro until you have at least 105 in your bag, then cut down Harakeke Plants with your Sickle until you have at least 225 Harakeke. You also need to go get 40 Cowrie Shells. Once you have 225 Harakeke and 40 Cowrie, go to Amaya to turn all your Harakeke and Cowrie into Flax, but you should have at least 2 Cowrie left over in your bag.

Now go to Kotu and give her 75 Bamboo Wood for 5 Bamboo Poles.

Now go to Kailani and have her turn your 2 Cowrie Shells into 2 Fishhooks.

Now go to Kai to have her turn your 75 Flax into 15 String.

Then go to Shasa to have her weave 10 String into 1 Net, but keep the other 5 String.

Check your bag one more time and see if you have at least 30 Bamboo Wood, 5 Bamboo Poles, 1 Net, 5 String, and 2 Fishhooks. Now you are ready to go. Use the "Mata Nui Roads" map to find your way from Koro to Koro. The first place we are going to go is Onu-Koro, the Mining City. Head towards it. Note: If along the way you find yourself in some weird looking place, like an all black screen with a big red circle in the middle, or just can't go anywhere, then hit the refresh button on your browser... This happens a lot when traveling between Koros, it's just a loading glitch of some kind. When you reach a spot where you have 3 seperate roads to choose from as well as the road to go back the way you came to Ga-Koro, you are at the Crossroads, take the middle path to get to Onu-Koro.

Continue walking through the long underground tunnel or cave, and once you see 3 rock huts or homes, you are there and should stop using the Mata Nui Roads map and should start using the Onu-Koro Map to navigate Onu-Koro.

Go to Akamu, The Crafter, and give her 20 Bamboo Wood and 1 net for the Sluice.

Now go to the hut to the left to visit Nuparu and ask for a Checkup. We have only trained in Speed so far so all of your other skills should be at zero, if you only chased the Takea Shark once while in Ga-Koro (and caught it 4 times in a row), then your Speed count will only be 1. Sometimes you may lose count of how many Skill Points you have, or sometimes if you loaded with a glitch (like if you can't see your bag anymore) and then you train, they may not count. So get Checkups from time to time to be sure of your "official" Skill Point count.

Now go to the spot on the Onu-Koro Map that has the numbers 18 and 19 on it. Pick up the Ore laying on the ground.

Now go back to Akamu and get the Pickaxe with 10 Bamboo Wood and 5 ore.

Now go to the Merchant, Zemya, who is right to the right of the Crafter's hut. Note: the letter M on every Koro Map is where you find the Merchant of that Koro. When inside Zemya's hut, pull out a Bamboo Pole and sell it to get one Widget, repeat this 4 more times to get a total of 5 Widgets.

Now go all the way back to Ga-Koro and visit Okoth to buy 1 Air Bladder, they are half the cost here than anywhere else (which is why the text on the maps is highlighted in red, it means it's the best deal in all of Mata Nui).

Now go back to the place in Onu-Koro where you found the Ore on the ground, it has the numbers 18 and 19 on it on the Onu-Koro Map. Find and talk to Aiyetoro, ask him about virtue and he will tell you he needs a Lightstone to finish his work. Then find and talk to Dosne, the Mining Captain, offer to help him and he will tell you that he needs you to swim down and retrieve a Digger tool for him.

Now go to the spot on the Onu-Koro Map where you get Ore, Lightstones, and Protodermis from. When you reach the flooded mine, dive in and swim to the nearest underwater cave entrance (#1 cave) as fast as you can to save air, it is on the left of the screen. Once inside, pull out your Pickaxe and pick at the 9 black stones, if you uncover any ore or Lightstones then put them in your bag, either way, pick at all the stones. Now leave that cave and as fast as you can click on the second cave to swim to it (#2 cave), it is on your lower right. Once in there, do the same thing, pick at all 9 black stones to see what they might uncover and put anything you uncover into your bag. Now go out, and swim straight down. Now swim to the next underwater cave you see which will be to the right a little (#3 cave) and use your Air Bladder aling the way when your O2 almost runs out. (you may need more bladders to make it if your computer is really slow) Once inside the 3rd underwater cave, pick up the Digger, and pick at the 9 black stones with your Pickaxe, put anything you uncover in your bag.

Now go out of that cave and swim back up and out of the water, if your air runs out you won't die, you will just be forced to swim out of the entire flooded mine. Go back to Dosne and give him the Digger, he will give you 20 Widgets and allow you to train Stamina with Taipu. If you did not get at least 1 Lightstone while you were in the underwater caves, then follow the next step in red, otherwise skip it.

Go all the way back out of Onu-Koro and go to the Crossroads again.

Now go back to the flooded mine where you get Ore, Lightstones, and Protodermis. Dive in and go to the nearest cave on the lower left, pick the 9 black stones and put anything you uncover into your bag, then go out of that cave and swim to the next one on the right of the screen, pick at those 9 black stones and put anything you might uncover into your bag. If you still do not have at least 1 Lightstone, then repeat the red text again until you do.

Now give 1 Lightstone to Aiyetoro, he will give you 25 Widgets and tell you more about Virtues and Principles. He will also tell you to talk to Azibo.

Now go talk to Azibo, he will tell you that he needs a Hook and String to retrieve his Sluice that he dropped in a crevace. Give him the Hook and String and he will give you 25 more Widgets and tell you some more stuff.

Leave Onu-Koro and make your way to Po-Koro in the desert. When you reach The Crossroads, Po-Koro is the path to the right on your screen.

Pass over the log bridge to get over the river...

Once you see the Stone Mask Statue, you are in the Po-Koro Map, go past it and head to the Merchant (letter M).
Sell every Lightstone you may have and sell every Ore you might have to him buy pulling it out of your bag, now buy as many Kolhii Balls from him as possible (you may have 1 to 4 Widgets still leftover, cuz u can’t buy balls with less than 5 Widgets), the more Kolhii Balls you buy now, the quicker you will get 999 widgets.

Now leave Po-Koro and go back to the Crossroads, take the middle path upward toward Onu-Koro and enter the square entrance into the mine, then walk back out and go right back to the Crossroads, you did that to save your spot from there in case you encounter the "Ta-Koro Bridge Loading Glitch" that gets me everytime I go from Po-Koro to Ta-Koro, it may make you have to start back at Po-Koro again, its rather annoying, do it just to be safe everytime you pass the Crossroads. When you get to the Ta-Koro bridge, if you get the loading glitch, try right clicking on the game and click on "rewind", then click "play", that should improve the glitch at least. But you may have to refresh your browser, then close the browser, restart it, restart the game, go back to the Ta-Koro bridge if you aren't already there and try those tricks a few more times before it works... hopefully lego.com will fix some of these glitches soon... but make sure you can see your bag on the upper left before you continue. Now go to the Merchant in Ta-Koro. To get to Ta-Koro, take the leftmost path at the Crossroads. Then when you hit another 2 way fork in the road, go left to get to the wooden Ta-Koro Bridge, cross it, then go a little further and you are there. Once you enter the castle looking area, go down once, then go into the hut/door opening on the right – it’s also the M on the Ta-Koro Map. Now once u see the Merchant, pull out your Kolhii Balls to sell them all, they are in your Tools section of your bag. Note: When you are selling or buying anything, you can always click on the text that says “I have a few more questions…” to see different options of things you can say. These things usually can speed up the buying and selling process.

Now you should have close to 200 Widgets. In order to keep doubling your money, you have to walk all the way to Po-Koro and back to Ta-Koro about 6 more times, notice that when you are buying and selling you can only carry up to 999 Widgets at a time and 999 Kolhii Balls at a time, this is important to know. Make the trips back and forth buying and selling Kolhii Balls until you get 999 Widgets, then go back to Po-Koro once again and buy 999 Kolhii Balls, now go back to Ta-Koro and sell 50 at a time until you get 999 Widgets again. You did all that so that you can spend all 999 of your Widgets and then make it all back the quickest way possible which is to be explained in blue text. (It is very important that you have a lot of money becuz you are going to spend about 5,000 Widgets pretty soon.) Whenever you spend all of your Widgets, immediately go to Ta-Koro, sell your remaining Kolhii Balls until you have 999 Widgets and then go to Po-Koro and buy Kolhii Balls until you have 999 balls, then go back to Ta-Koro and sell your balls 50 at a time until you have 999 Widgets again, now you are free to spend them all again. Everytime you run out of Widgets, repeat this step which is highlighted in blue. This is the fastest way to make money and keep making money. There are some cheats, and ways to take advantage of some glitches in the game to get Widgets quicker, but you risk losing them all or losing lots of other things, you might even have to start the game all over again, so this is the safest way I know of. When you are done getting Widgets go back to the Crossroads.

Go back to Onu-Koro and visit Taipu. (if you don’t see him at the T on the Onu map, then try the scene right next to it. If you still don’t see him, then play the Kolhii Team in Onu-Koro and whether you win or lose, after the game go back to where you find Taipu and he should be there. If you talk to Taipu and he won’t let you train Stamina, then that means you have to ask the Mining Captain, Dosne #18)

Ask him to learn Stamina. Now you are in the Stamina training game. All you gotta do is click your mouse on the screen enough times so that your Stamina Meter never runs fully out until you reach the boulder where you set the rock down. It doesn’t matter how high your Stamina Meter is when you set the rock down as long as it isn’t completely red/empty, then you gain +1 Stamina. Tips: Use both of your pointer fingers on both hands to push the mouse button, using only one finger is very tiresome especially when the Stamina training gets harder. You can also press the keys LEFT ALT + LEFT SHIFT + NUM LOCK to activate a special function that allows you to press the "+" key on the Number Pad all the way to the right on your keyboard which will double click your mouse for you every time you hit that key. This makes it much easier to get through the Stamina Training Game... Credits/thanks to Denarr for pointing out that trick, i mentioned only one way to activate it here, if it didn't work, read more about it here. You can also get an illustrated guide to training Stamina on the mnolg2 index.

Go to the Merchant, Zemya, and buy at least 4 Air Bladders (you may need more depending on your computer speed).

Go back to the flooded mine, marked as the place you get Ore, Lightstones, and Protodermis from. Dive in and swim to the closest cave entrance which is a little down and to the left. You can use your Pickaxe to pick at the 9 black stones inside all of these caves if you want to have more resources or make a few more Widgets. Now swim to the second cave which is lower and to the right of the screen, go in. Now swim straight down and use a bladder if you need to, swim to the 3rd cave and go in to take a breath. Now swim straight down, then swim straight down again past the darker water and use an Air Bladder or 2 if you need to. Now swim to the 4th cave which is more to the right. Now swim to the 5th cave which is lower and to the left. This is the one and only place that you can get Protodermis unless you buy it. Use your Sluice on the Protodermis to gather it and you can Pick the stones in the cave if you would like. Now go out and swim straight down again, now the water is pitch black, swim toward the final cave which you can barely see, use an Air Bladder if your O2 gets low. Now you’ve found some kind of contraption with 6 circles on it. You cannot open this tunnel door yet, you need a certain Charm that you can't get yet, when Lego.com updates this game, I will update this walkthrough to show how to get it if it isn't there yet later in the walkthrough. Now swim up and out of the flooded mine, do not use any Air Bladders, you will not die. Note: The black stones that you pick with your Pickaxe to get Ore and Lightstones do not return until you go out of the mine and outside to the Crossroads and then go all the way back in to the flooded mine again.

Soon you gotta beat Onu-Koro in Kolhii. Go to the Turaga/Leader (letter L), Whenua, to set up the match, then go to the Kolhii Field in Onu-Koro which is just up and to the right of Whenua’s large hut. These players are a little tougher, you probably won’t beat them if you only have 1 Speed and 1 Stamina, but you might get lucky. You can either keep trying to beat them and or just continue on with the walkthrough, we will get to beating them later if you can't right now.

While you are already at Onu-Koro, train more Stamina and get about 5 more Stamina points so you have a total of 6.

Now go to the Merchant, Zemya, and buy 30 nails.

Now go out of Onu-Koro and back to the Crossroads.

Head towards Ga-Koro. Go buy more Air Bladders from Okoth until you have a total of at least 10.

Now go gather Seaweed while you are in Ga-Koro until you have at least 15 in your bag.

Now go back to the ferry runner (letter T) and go to C9 again on his chart to train Speed. Use your Air Bladders to catch the shark and get 5 more Speed points to get a total of at least 6 Speed points. Tip: I usually just click my mouse to the beat of the music while im swimming after the shark, I think that’s why its there cuz its just about the perfect tempo to make Hahli swim as fast as she can.

Head towards Ko-Koro. Find it by using the “Mata Nui Roads” map.

Once inside the ice cave, go up the ladder in the middle of the screen and find Jaatikko (#36). He will give you the Destiny Charm.

Now go see Toudo (#38) and get the Peace Charm, he will tell you about getting Flags for navigating the Wastes more easily.

Now you need to buy 15 Bamboo Poles from the Merchant in Ko-Koro, now go visit Arktinen (#37), get 15 Flags with the supplies you have.

Head toward the Leader/Turaga of Ko-Koro (letter L).

Once you are where the Turaga is, walk to your left, then push the button on the middle of the door to open it,

now walk through the tunnel till you get outside. Once your outside, get ready to do these next steps quickly, cuz time now matters. Keep walking toward the Wastes, once in the Wastes you will have 4 ways to go, up, down, left, and right. Pick any which way, Hahli will automatically put a flag down on her way passed, just keep choosing a random direction to go in that you haven’t been to already, you will know where you have been already by seeing a flag in that direction… there is no riddle known to anyone yet of how to navigate the Wastes the same way every time, they are just random… keep choosing different random directions until you reach some place that is no longer in the Wastes. Tips: Once you enter the Wastes, try going straight ahead of where Hahli is facing 2 times and you might reach the cliff’s edge right away which you need to get to before the 4 Stones… What I usually do is pick one way to go once, like I will make a right and then just keep going in the direction straight in front of where Hahli is facing after that until I reach one of the 4 places, it works best for me. Then when I find one place, I go back into the Wastes when im done there, then I pick another way to go once, like this time I will go left once, then every other time I just keep going in the direction across from where Hahli is facing until I reach another place, it might take 10 times or so.

There are 4 possible places you can reach. Here they are:
#1. The Hermit’s Home, where you train Willpower. It looks like a big blue pyramid with a door in the middle.
#2. The 4 Large Stones, where you get the Crystal of Peace, it looks like 4 tall stones sticking out of the ground.
#3. The cliff’s edge, this is where you pick up the Willpower Charm. It looks like your at the top of a cliff’s edge.
#4. Waste Enter/Exit point, back the way you got to the Wastes, it looks like you are between 2 brown mountains/cliffs.

Whichever place you reach, follow it’s own instructions below, you must go to numbers 1, 2, & 3 before you leave the Wastes. If you run out of Flags, don’t worry, it just takes more time to navigate the Wastes and is more confusing, but keep going in random directions and you eventually will get to #1, 2, & 3 and back out.
#1 Instructions – The Hermit’s Home. Go inside and talk to the Hermit, ask to train Willpower. Now you are in the Willpower Training Game, it’s a bit tricky. What you have to do is balance Hahli on the pole without her falling or even moving or waving her arms for a certain period of time to get +1 Willpower. Once she waves her arms cuz she is too off balance, then the time period will start all over again, it must be un-interrupted. The way you balance her is just by moving your mouse pointer, you don’t even need to click it at all. You should actually keep it on Hahli in the center of the screen most of the time, the further right or left you move the pointer, the stronger she jolts her balance towards that direction. Train until you get at least 10 Willpower Points, don’t leave until you do. Go back out to the Wastes and find numbers 3 and 2 if you havent already, otherwise find #4 to get out after you found 1, 2, & 3.

#2 Instructions – The 4 Large Stones. you must get to #3 before you go here, if u haven’t then turn back and find it first. Go toward the 4 stones, pull out the Destiny Charm and put it up to the hole in the front left stone, then pull out the Willpower Charm and use it on the front right stone, then use the Peace Charm on the last stone’s hole, the 4th stone should open up and give you the Crystal of Peace! Note: Sometimes the game won’t load right when you are here, if that happens just hit refresh on your browser and find #2 again if you need to. Go back out to the Wastes and find number 1 if you havent already, otherwise find #4 to get out after you found 1, 2, & 3.

#3 Instructions – The Cliff’s Edge. You should see a charm laying on the ground by your feet at the cliff’s edge, pick it up and now you have the Willpower Charm. Go back out to the Wastes and find numbers 1 and 2 if you havent already, otherwise find #4 to get out after you found 1, 2, & 3.

#4 Instructions – Waste Enter/Exit point. If you get here before you find #1, 2, and 3, then go back in the Wastes and try again, if you got 1, 2, and 3, then use this to exit the Wastes and go back to Ko-Koro and you are done navigating the Wastes for now.

Now you saw that after spending all that time to get Flags to help you navigate the Wastes, they ran out quickly and didn’t help much anyways, so from now on when you go back to the Wastes, taking the time to get Flags isn’t very necessary.

Go to Po-Koro now, on the way stop at that hut that is all alone on your left (letter T on map), there you will train for Strategy. Tell the Po-Matoran who lives there that you want to learn Strategy.

Now you are in the Strategy Game. All you have to do in this game is wait until you see a Mahi running from the left of your screen to the right, just catch it before it passes by. Get 6 Strategy Points by winning the game 6 times. Each time you train, it will get harder and you will have to catch more Mahi to get +1 Strategy. By the 6th time you do it, you should have to catch 4 Mahi. Tip: When the game starts, move Hahli to the center of the screen and move up and down as the Mahi come, the very second you catch one, u can move Hahli to the next one, this will be helpful later when you train for more Strategy because it gets a lot harder and faster. You can also get an illustrated guide on the mnolg2 index.

Since you are in Po-Koro, go buy Kolhii Balls from the Merchant (letter M), buy only 50 at a time until you have 999 Kolhii Balls in your carrying bag or until you have no more Widgets left to buy with, but make sure you don’t get more than 999 cuz they will just get lost since you can’t hold more than 999.

Now go to Ta-Koro, stop in to the Mine above the Crossroads once again on the way just to be safe, and find the trainer (letter T on Ta-Koro Map). Ask him to learn Strength.

Now you are in the Strength Training Game. This game is fun and easy, but don’t waste too many balls. Just watch the meter on your lower left and try to click your mouse to throw a ball when the moving orange-colored line is above the still yellow-colored line. You have to get the moving line above the not-moving line in order to throw the ball hard enough to knock down the rocks, then you get +1 Strength. Do this until you get +6 Strength. Note: Each time you knock down the rocks, the yellow line moves higher and the moving line moves faster, as it gets super fast and hard it just takes luck and lots of Kolhii Balls which you need lots of money for.

Now go back to the Merchant of Ta-Koro (letter M) and sell your remaining Kolhii Balls to him until you have 999 Widgets, but don’t sell anymore than that.

Leave Ta-Koro and go to Le-Koro, just make a left when you get back over the Ta-Koro Bridge.

Go to the Merchant there (letter M on Le-Koro Map) and buy 500 Throwing Discs, they are very cheap.

Go the to training area (letter T) and ask to train Accuracy.

Now you are in the Accuracy Training Game. This game really depends on exactly where you aim your mouse pointer, and it gets so precise and hard as you get more Accuracy Points. Just point the very tip of your mouse pointer/finger right on the little space in the center of each of the flying targets, just hit 5 of them before the clock runs out to get +1 Accuracy. Do this until you get at least 10 Accuracy Points.

Leave Le-Koro and go to Onu-Koro. Go get a Checkup with Nuparu again (#15), you should at least have: Strength: 6 Speed: 6 Accuracy: 10 Stamina: 6 Willpower: 10 & Strategy: 6

Now go to the Leader (letter L) to set up the Kolhii match at Onu-Koro.

Go to the Kolhii Field (letter K) and play. You should be able to beat them in Onu-Koro now, if not, try it a couple times. If you still can’t beat them then go get more Strength and Accuracy, get as much as you can stand doing…. Or you can train in other abilities if you wish. Willpower and Speed would be the next best choices to train in, then lastly Stamina and Strategy, although Stamina does make your O2 run out way slower for training Speed... Keep trying to beat Onu-Koro and train until you can beat them.

This is a good order to face each Koro in Kolhii that you still need to beat: Ko-Koro, then Ta-Koro, then Po-Koro… Do not face Le-Koro until the game gets updated otherwise the game will just stall due to a glitch, but keep training in all abilities until you beat all the other Koros and while we are all waiting for the game to be updated so we can beat Le-Koro and do whatever else the game has in store for us! I trained until I got: Strength: 80, Speed: 25, Accuracy: 80, Stamina: 20, Willpower: 20, & Strategy: 20, with those stats, I beat Ko, Ta, and Po-Koro easily one after the other. But depending on you, you may need more or less Skill Points to beat them all. Le-Koro I think is actually easier to beat than Po-Koro, but just don’t face them yet until the game gets updated.

Head to Po-Koro, and go to the Strategy Trainer's Hut (#24) and pick up the Strategy Charm laying on the ground.

Now go to Hewkii's hut (#29) and pick up the Creation Charm on the ground.

Now head to Le-Koro. Then go to the Accuracy trainer's area (#60) and pick up the Accuracy Charm laying on the ground.

Go to Kongu's hut (#63) and pick up the Faith Charm on the ground.

On your way to Po-Koro, head to the Mask Statue which is before you get to the Strategy Training game area.

Go into the statue. You will come to the first closed door. On the wall there is writing which says "The map to victory" which means you need to pull out the Strategy Charm and click on the little hole below the riddle to open the door. Now enter the next room. The riddle to open this door says "Pride of Sculptors", what do the sculptors in Mata Nui take pride in? Creation. So use the Creation Charm to open that door. The next room's riddle says "One for all" which obviously means use the Unity Charm to open that door. The fourth and final room's riddle says "Strategy's designs" which means use the Destiny Charm. Now you will see a bright light when the door opens, move toward the light Carol Anne!!! Now you are in a huge temple of some kind, keep walking toward the center where the crystal lies on the ground. Pick it up and your golden, you now possess the awesome! the powerful! the Crystal of Creation which now will allow you to...... well, i don't know yet. Some say Crystals increase your "ability points" in Kolhii Matches, but I suspect that once you get all 6 crystals, you will use them in the exact same way that you use the charms, to open doors. Maybe it will be the last and final contraption that you need the 6 Crystals to unlock!
Who knows?

Go to Ta-Koro and enter the large open gates.

Pass by the next 3 screens. When you reach the 4th screen, you will see the Strength Charm on the ground, pick it up.

If you keep going on after picking up the charm, you can go to the Ta-Koro Crystal contraption which is where you will probably get the Crystal of Courage, but you do not yet have the right charm that opens the first door. The first door reads "conquers fear" which probably means you need the Courage Charm. As of now it seems that you won't be able to get the Courage Charm until the next update by lego.com.

Onu-Koro Charm Tunnel: This device is at the bottom of the flooded mine, located where you get Ore, Lightstones, and Protodermis at on the Onu-Koro Map. You need the Duty Charm to open the first door. The 6 circles shows what the Duty Charm will look like once you are able to get it. I am assuming that behind that door will be the Crystal of Prosperity. As soon as the game gets updated and you can find the Duty Charm somewhere, I will add another section to this walkthrough explaining what to do.

Playing Le-Koro in Kolhii: You can set up the match with the Turaga/Leader, you can play and beat them, but if you beat them the game just stalls. I suspect they don't want you to beat every team on Mata Nui yet, cuz something.... might happen if you do, like a Rahkshi invasion maybe???

Ta-Koro's Crystal Contraption: You can see the gate is opened up (used to be closed) at the number 51 on the Ta-Koro Map. You can now walk through them for a few screens and get the Strength Charm laying on the ground, but you can't yet open the first charm door to get in farther to possibly get the Crystal of Courage.

Le-Koro Charm Switches: Get to them by climbing up the vine inside of the Turaga's hut. My Le-Koro Map has screenshots that decode the riddles on each switch for easy viewing. We do not yet have the correct charms to open/activate this device, once the game gets updated, hopefully we will be able to collect the right charms for it. You can see a chart of Charms and Crystals that shows all that we can now gather and all that we cannot yet gather on the "mnolg2 index". My guess is that this is where you will get the Crystal of Faith, but who knows.

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